Submarine Documentary | Submariners : The Men of the Silent Service - From Diesel To Nuclear | A Feature Documentary by Producer & Director Tony Rollo
SUBMARINERS: The Men Of The Silent Service - From Diesel To Nuclear | Submarine Documentary Feature about the Submarine Service and the American Submarine Sailor | The Original Feature Documentary

Reviews And Quotes About The Feature Movie

"I give it five stars... must see!"

- National Senior Vice Commander Jon Jaques - USS Ohio SSBN

"This submarine documentary is without a doubt, the best I have ever seen.

The production quality, the interviews, the way it was all put together is excellent. From the point of view of the submariners themselves, there are some incredible stories along with the documentary itself.

I hope Tony Rollo has plans for doing more of these, he did an incredible job on this. If you don't have your copy, you need to get one today. It should be part of every submariners video library, every author who is thinking about writing a book on submarines, and especially for submarine researchers out there."

Amazon comment by SUBHISTORIAN - 5 star

"High marks... Quality film."

- GI Film Festival Washington DC

"I had the pleasure of attending this film's premiere in Murfreesboro, TN. I found it to be an interesting look at the commitment that these men had to their country.

I enjoyed seeing the footage and knowing it was the "real deal".

I hope people will take time to view this film as it offers a glimpse of the "Silent Service". Having actual submariners speak about their experiences added to the authenticity of the film.

As a former teacher, think it would be an excellent tool to use in the classroom.

- Diane Barry

"I attended the world theatrical premiere of "Submariners" it was a new perspective on a subject that has had many documentaries on the machine. "Submariners" focuses more on the men of the Silent Service with raw interviews of submarine veterans. There is a sprinkling of patriotism that I think reflects the attitudes of all veterans who sacrificed in one way or another. Many of those interviewed were members of Tennessee United States Submarine Veterans Inc (USSVI) chapters which increased my interest being a Tennessee resident.

Captain Anderson who was featured in the segment about the USS Nautilus and what it went through in several attempts to sail under the North Pole was a Tennessee resident and served after the Navy as a US State Representative from 1965 to 1973. A little Chicken Soup for the submarine veteranís soul."

- Marlin Helms - Smoky Mountain Submarine Veterans

"This is the BEST submarine documentary I have ever seen.

It should be in every library in America."

- Capt. Fred Reker (USNR Ret) US Navy (ENS)
Diesel Submarine Veteran - USS Razorback
Current President USS Razorback Association USS394

"Saw this in a theater and really enjoyed it. I've always been impressed with the Silent Service and this documentary highlighted the skill, bravery, and dedication of this elite branch of the Navy.

One of the things that really struck me was the fact that one mistake could cost the lives of everyone on board...these crews had to be perfect in everything they did. That perfection came through endless practice. What a great message to give to all of us in anything we attempt. Humbled that we have such incredible people serving our country in such an unheralded way." - Skier_1 Amazon Review - 5 star

"Every once in a while,
we watch a film or movie and say,

'WOW' !

As a collector of submarine artifacts, photos, and films, I thought I had seen most of the available vintage submarine film footage.

The new material found in this documentary is nothing short of unbelievable.

Even the most seasoned submarine veteran will enjoy some of the previously unseen footage in this film. The interviews and comments from shipmates who were there are both informative and humorous.

There were several points where I laughed out loud !

This film has something for everybody, especially if you love good sea stories and a great cast of characters. Tony Rollo does an awesome job telling the history of the submarine force from inception to today's modern boats. When the film is done, you will smell the diesel fumes in your living room!

This is not a rehash of any previously released material. It is new, fresh and fun. I loved it!"

- Jon Jaques ( Submarine Veteran USS Ohio SSBN )

"My husband and I went to see this documentary. It was wonderfully wrote, with many interesting and informative stories from those who served.

For anyone interested in the history and mystery of the secret service of Submariners, this is a great movie to see." - Amazon comment - 5 star

"I served and qualified on a diesel boat in the 1960s. Most popular books and movies about submarines are pure BS because the real stories cannot be told.

This excellent documentary takes the general audience about as far as they can go without the smell, and that (along with The Submarine Cheer) is an acquired taste most sand crabs, skimmers and airedales would find unbearable." - Submarine Veteran Amazon comment - 5 stars

"The men of the silent service was a very noteworthy statement.

Not knowing anything about submarines I really enjoyed the movie...

... and how it showed the relationship the crew has with a each other. Also submarine history from diesel to nuclear was very interesting.

- David Barlow

"Saw this outstanding documentary on the Submariners and not only learned about their lives but I now have a new respect for the men who man these subs. Not only the isolation they feel but being away from their families with no contact has to be rough. These men learn to depend on each other and are responsible for the protection of our country in ways we will never know about."

"If you ever wondered about the lives of the submariners, you must see this film!"

- Jeb Stanley

True Stories of Adventure and Discovery
From the Men Who Were There

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